Ultimate Fire Stick Streaming Setup 2018

Ultimate Fire Stick Streaming Setup 2018

Kodi is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known application for streaming media.  Some people refer to installing Kodi on a Fire TV as jailbreaking.  While it is not currently possible to truly jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV, you can certainly install Kodi without jailbreaking per se.  Millions of people use Kodi for every type of media. Due to the sheer number of add-ons that are available for Kodi, the possibilities are endless.  That overabundance of add-ons can also be daunting to navigate.  We have tested a lot of different combinations of add-ons in search of the best solution, and we wanted to share that with our readers.  Kodi is a great basis for a media center based on the free model, but there are few applications that offer a better streaming experience depending on the type of media you are interested in watching.  

In this article, we will cover four different applications that can provide you with some awesome streaming capabilities. Terrarium TV, Morpheus TV, Mobdro, and IPTV.  Each of these applications is very good at what it does.  Terrarium TV and Morpheus TV are focused on Movies and TV Shows, while IPTV is used here as a generic term that many providers use to describe their Live TV Streaming services.  We are going to show you some pros and cons of each solution and how each of them enhance your streaming experience when it is installed alongside Kodi.  Again, this tutorial does NOT require that you jailbreak your Fire TV device.

Terrarium TV

The first application we will look at is Terrarium TV.  This is a stand-alone Android App and can be installed on any Android Box or Fire TV device.  Terrarium TV does not require that you jailbreak your Fire TV device.  And it does not require that you install Kodi.  This application can be installed on any Android mobile device and is a great way to watch Movies and TV shows on the go. Follow our tutorial How to Install Terrarium TV (ad-free) on Fire Stick. 

Terrarium TV provides on-demand access to almost every movie or TV series ever made.  With a modern, easy-to-use interface, it completely replaces Kodi add-ons such as Covenant, Exodus, Placenta, Neptune Rising, etc.  In our opinion, Terrarium TV gives you a much better experience than ANY add-on available for Kodi.  In our tests, we rarely found a stream did not play.  The streams are high-quality and solid with minimal buffering due to Terrarium TV’s ability to use multiple streams in conjunction with each other.  Subtitles functionality is built-in and uses OpenSubtitles as the primary search engine as well as some other sources.  

The main downside to using Terrarium TV is that it is ad driven.  However, the ads are not very intrusive, and if you use MX Player on your device and set Terrarium TV to use that player (it will ask you the first time you run it), then there are very few ads to contend with.  There is also an ad-free version that has been hacked to be used on the Amazon Fire TV devices. 

How to Install Ad-Free Terrarium TV on Fire Stick


Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is also a standalone application that can be installed on any Android device.  It is available from the Aptoide Store as an apk file.  You can install this application on any Fire TV device and it is not necessary to jailbreak the device or to install Kodi. Aptoide is the best alternative app store for Android and installs easily on Fire TV devices to give them access to a wider range of apps that are available from the Amazon app store. Morpheus TV is also specifically for movies and TV series and completely replaces Kodi add-ons such as Covenant, Exodus, Placenta, Neptune Rising and other movie and TV series add-ons.

In our testing, Morpheus TV played all streams well with little buffering.  It takes a little longer to locate the available streams than Terrarium but has a couple other features that are important to some people.  Subtitles are handled in a much more intuitive manner, and you can enable subtitles by default.  In Terrarium TV, you have to select the subtitle each time.  And, while they do have a nice subtitle interface, it can be much easier if you always want subtitles to just have them enabled all the time.  Also, Morpheus TV has no ads.  Terrarium TV does have ads, but, as we explained in that section, the ads are not very intrusive.  You can make your own judgment if the lack of ads is a big enough feature to choose Morpheus TV over Terrarium TV.

Another feature of Morpheus TV that makes it an incredible application is that you can leverage torrents to find more streams than are available through the usual sources. Within the settings of Morpheus TV, you can enable the searching of torrent sites in addition to the fixed set of sources available normally.  However, if you enable this, you will be broadcasting your IP address publicly.  This is due to the very nature of using torrents.  You will get a lot more streams of higher quality, but with the inherent risk of running a Peer to Peer client.  If you turn on this setting, you should be using a VPN!  It is our professional opinion that you should be using a VPN any time you are streaming, but ESPECIALLY if you are using a torrent client.  Which is essentially what you are doing if you enable this setting.  You can read more about the benefits of using a VPN in our article What is a VPN? Why do I need it?

How to Install Morpheus TV on Fire TV Devices.


Mobdro is a stand-alone app that can be installed on any Android device, as well as the Amazon Fire TV devices.  Mobdro is a little different than the apps above, in that Mobdro is a tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them available for watching on your device.  Before you start thinking that free streams probably means lame streams, think again.  There are tons of live channels from all over the world as well as many of the cable news stations such as cable news channels, Discovery, Animal Planet, Food Network.  The list goes on.  And, while there is a lot of content to sort through to find what you want, there is a favorites feature that lets you build your own playlists for easy access to the content you want.  Mobdro is a great replacement for Kodi add-ons such as cCloud, Mavericks, Halow Live TV and all the other live TV add-ons.

Mobdro comes in two versions.  One is the “Freemium” version and contains some ads.  Then there is a “Premium” version according to the Mobdro website, but it has not yet been released as of this writing.  So, for now, the version with the ads is the only one available.  And, while, the ads tend to be a little more obtrusive that Terrarium TV, they are still not bad.  Considering the amount of content available for streaming through this app, it is worth a couple adds now and again.

How to Install Mobdro on Amazon Fire TV Devices


As explained earlier in this article, IPTV is a generic term for Internet-based TV service.  This is generally a paid service, however, any form of live TV broadcast over the Internet is technically IPTV.  In this article, we will talk about paid IPTV service.  Normally we focus on free alternatives to watching streaming media. But IPTV provides such a great value for such a small price, that we feel it merits some consideration when looking at alternatives to live streams on Kodi.

SetTV IPTV Service

There are a lot of IPTV providers out there.  Some of the providers offer a very low-cost service, but with a little less quality.  In our testing, we found that high-quality providers usually charge between 10 and 25 US Dollars per month.  If you are looking to cut your cable, that is a very small price to pay to get hundreds of live TV channels as well as access to all the Pay-Per-View sports events, live sports, and on-demand movies.  IPTV replaces not only Kodi add-ons like cCloud, Mavericks, Halow Live TV and other live TV Kodi add-ons, but has enough on-demand movie content that it could almost replace the other two solutions featured in this article.  But not quite.  We feel like the ultimate one-two punch for all cord-cutters is a combination of IPTV and both of the other two applications in this article.

But how do you choose an IPTV provider?  Well, we have done the legwork for you.  We recommend the following IPTV services based on a few different factors.  Price, number of channels and stream quality.  All of these services offer streams in HD, as well as a full-blown sports package that includes all the sports pay-per-view events.

TV Streams Now 

  • 500+ Live Channels $25/month
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Full HD Sports including all Pay-Per-View events
  • No contracts
  • No activation fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • 3 devices per account 
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  • 500+ Live Channels $20/month
  • Pay as you go! Month to month service
  • 3 Devices per account
  • Full HD Sports Package including Pay-Per-View events
  • Click Here to sign up for SET TV


  • 500+ Live Channels $14/month
  • Full HD Sports Package including Pay-Per-View events
  • 1 Device per account
  • Streams from the USA, CA, UK, and in Arabic, African, French, German, Latin, South Asia
  • Click Here to sign up for UltraBoxHost


Anyone that has read any of our articles knows that we always recommend using a VPN service when using the Internet.  It is a standard tool that should be used by anyone that is concerned with privacy and anonymity.  But that is not the only reason to use a VPN.  No streaming media setup would be complete without using a VPN to increase stream speed and stability.  In addition, any georestricted content can be accessed easily using a VPN.  Read our article What is a VPN? Why do I need it? for valuable information as to why you should be using a VPN.  We review a lot of VPNs here at KodiAmerica.com and we continually recommend the following three VPN providers based on their overall price, performance, and features.  Click here to see How To Install IPVanish VPN on Fire Stick or Fire TV.

IPVanish VPN

Nord VPN

Strong VPN

  • Apps for all platforms
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Improved server network
  • 650+ servers in 20+ countries
  • Zero logging of connections or activity
  • Click here to sign up for StrongVPN


The Amazon Fire Stick is a powerful device in a small package.  And Kodi is a great application.  But, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find add-ons that work.  And the ones that do work, often don’t work well or have stable streams.  Using our recommended combination of apps, you can completely break free from your current TV provider safely and privately. 

  1. Use a VPN to secure your connection and ensure your ISP is not blocking you or tracking you.
  2. Use Terrarium TV or Morpheus TV for all your on-demand movie and TV needs.
  3. Use an IPTV service for all your live TV and sports programming.

Following this simple method is a sure fire way to have a great overall streaming TV experience with the quality and reliability of traditional TV services.  All for far less than you would pay for a cable TV subscription.

Now that you know how to How to Create the Ultimate Fire Stick Streaming Setup 2018, be sure to secure your connection with a VPN to keep your ISP from slowing you down, spying on you or blocking you.  For more information, be sure to check out our article What is a VPN? Why do I need it?

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