Top Kodi Add-Ons for 2018

Kodi doesn’t have much functionality out of the box.  But, it’s a great platform for installing all sorts of add-ons that can unlock the full potential of Kodi.  There are apps for on-demand movies and TV programs, live TV, sports and other online streaming content.  We wanted to put a list together of our favorite apps.  Keep in mind that the repositories for these apps sometimes come and go.  If you want to install most of these apps all at once, see our guide 

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1. Covenant

Covenant is the official fork of the now defunct Exodus.  Functionally it is identical to Exodus.  In our opinion, this is the absolute top addon for Kodi.  Covenant provides access to most every movie or TV show ever made.  It’s just incredible.  You can learn how to install Covenant using our install guide.
How to Install Covenant in Kodi

2. Fear of the Dark

This addon is ESSENTIAL for horror movie lovers.

3. Sports Devil

All the sports.

4. Adult Hideout

What list would be complete without the most popular adult addon for Kodi.  This addon…

5. Placenta

With the end of life of Exodus came many forks with various features. Placenta is one of those.  Placenta offers more options and some say it offers better streams.  In any case, Placenta is a rising star in the Kodi add-on world.

Blamo Repository

6. Neptune Rising

Another up and coming fork of Exodus, Neptune Rising features great buffering speeds, more HD streams, and…

7. Insomniac

For those looking for a great IPTV solution, look no further than Insomniac.  This addon provides great live TV streams as well as sports and other programming.  As the name implies, insomniacs will love Insomniac.

8. Elektra Vault

We have already mentioned some of the other great Exodus forks.  But Elektra Vault has something that the others don’t.  Elektra Vault has LIVE SPORTS.  This was a feature sorely missing from Exodus and even the awesome Covenant addon.  Elektra otherwise has the same funcionality as the other forks.  But sports lovers might want to install this add-on for a more complete solution.

9. Deliverance

Another relatively new addon for Kodi, Deliverance has become increasingly popular due to the amount of live sports streams it offers.  Deliverance also has tons of game highlights as well, for those that missed the live stream.  It’s another must-have for sports lovers.

10. IPVanish

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How To Install IPVanish VPN on Fire Stick or Fire TV

For an easier instalation process, without having to install each addon separately, many builds have most of these add-ons preinstalled.  Check out our guide to the Top Kodi Builds for 2018

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