(Solved) No available free space on disk – Popcorn Time on Fire Stick

If you are a user of Popcorn Time on your Fire TV Stick, you may, at times, see a message that there is no available free space on the disk.  I usually see this when I change the dubbing to Spanish for some reason.  In any case, the problem stems from the fact that the Fire TV Stick has limited memory resources to handle the large file sizes that Popcorn Time is dealing with. The good news is that there are some easy ways to overcome this problem.

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If you don’t already have Popcorn Time, you can install it using my tutorial How to Install Popcorn Time on Fire TV Devices

Popcorn Time is essentially a BitTorrent client.  For those of you not familiar with BitTorrent, it is a Peer-to-Peer file sharing technology.  Everyone shares a little piece of the bigger file.  Popcorn Time opens connections to hundreds of sharing sources and downloads many pieces at the same time and then reassembles them on your device and then plays those pieces.  As it needs more, it downloads more and removes the already played pieces.  This method works very well and allows you to stream at very high speeds approaching your maximum Internet connection speed.

The downside to this method is that parts of the file have to be downloaded in order for them to be streamed.  There are two issues with this.  The legality of downloading videos, and the physical limitations of the Fire Stick’s memory.  Let me break those down.


The first problem with the Peer-to-Peer technology is that, legally, downloading of copyrighted material is a crime in many countries.  You should never use Popcorn Time without using a VPN.  I believe that you should always use a VPN whenever you are connected to the Internet.  If not, you are having high-tech unprotected sex.  It’s not worth it when you get hacked or sued by someone.  Your ISP watches you as well as your government and lots of other people.  If you don’t have a VPN, I recommend IPVanish VPN service.  I have spoken with the folks over there, and they have extended a whopping 57% discount to my KodiAmerica.com readers.  Click here to get a 57% discount on IPVanish VPN service

Limited Memory

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has a limited amount of memory to work with.  This is simply due to the fact that Amazon doesn’t sell the stick to be modified.  Although a huge percentage of Fire TV device sales are by people that mod them.  However, they only put the amount of memory on the stick that they feel is sufficient to run Amazon’s own services and not much more.

Because space is at a premium on the Fire Stick, there are a couple things you can do to free up as much memory as possible so you can use Popcorn Time without issue.

Remove excess applications and storage

If you are using a Jailbroken Fire TV Stick for your home theater solution, then you don’t need very many programs or applications to do this.  Normally a jailbroken firestick only uses a couple or maybe three programs to deliver all the content you could ever want.  In this case, get rid of the some of the installed programs.  Here is a little primer on how to do that.

Uninstalling Applications on the Fire Stick

It’s as easy as pie to uninstall an application from your Fire Stick.  From any screen, long-press the HOME button until you see the following screen pop up.  Then click on Apps.

Here, you will see all the installed apps on your Fire TV Stick.  Unfortunately, you can’t uninstall any of the Amazon pre-installed applications, but I will show you how to deal with those later.  Look through the apps you see here and uninstall any of them you don’t need.

Let’s uninstall the Downloader App for example.  I rarely use this app anymore because I use Apps2Fire to install apps on my Fire TV devices, now. Scroll down and select the app you want to uninstall.

Click the button on your remote with the three little lines.  It’s to the right of the home button.  You will see a menu pop up at the bottom right side of the screen.

Choose to uninstall and the app will be removed.  The icon now shows a little cloud on it.  That means that the Amazon App Store still remembers you “own” that app, but it isn’t installed physically.

To remove it from the cloud, just do the same thing.  Click the button with three lines on your remote, and the menu will come up again.  But this time it will say Remove from Cloud. Click that.

It will be explained that the app is not physically installed and that it is not taking up any space on your device, which is true.  I just like to keep my device neat, and so I will remove it from the Cloud.  Click Remove from Cloud again to confirm.

The app will disappear from your apps screen.

System Applications

Remember I said I would show you how to deal with the pre-installed Amazon Apps that you can’t uninstall.  In this case, you will want to squeeze them down so they use less memory.  You can do this by clearing the data that is stored in the app.

Go to Settings, then click on Applications

Scroll down and choose Manage Installed Applications

You will see a list of all the applications installed on your Fire TV Stick.

For this example, we will clear the storage of the Amazon Music app.  Remember, if you open the app after clearing its storage, the storage will be filled again.  So, only do this to the apps you will never use.  Also, you will not reclaim very much space by doing this.  Sometimes only a few hundred kilobytes.  But sometimes that few hundred Kb makes all the difference.  Scroll down and click on the app you want to clear the storage from.

Notice that, on the right, it shows the amount of storage used.  The two that I will clear are Data and Cache.  So, these two numbers combined is the total that we can recover. Click on Clear data.

Confirm that you want to Clear data

After clearing the data, you will see that the amounts used by the Data and Cache are now zero.

Like I said, you can’t reclaim much space this way, but might get a few megs freed up between the various programs.

Upgrade Your Device

If you want to run a lot of apps, but still want to be able to use programs like Popcorn Time, you can simply upgrade to a device with more physical memory.  The Amazon Fire TV is a nice little upgrade from the Fire Stick.  Then you can go on up to the Fire TV Cube or the all-new Toshiba 4K Fire TV.  Here is a link directly to Amazon’s Fire TV device page so you can choose the option that is best for you.



Popcorn Time is a powerful program that uses some very high-tech methods to stream your favorite videos.  But its inherent flaws can sometimes make it seem buggy.  By making sure that you have the maximum amount of memory on your device, you can be sure that you don’t see the dreaded “No available free space on disk” message.  

Please don’t forget to use a VPN when you are using the Internet.  This is especially true when using applications such as Popcorn Time or any other program that uses BitTorrent technology.  As I mentioned before, the people over at IPVanish have allowed me to extend a 57% discount on all their top-rated VPN services.  This is exclusively for my KodiAmerica.com readers.

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