My Favorite Kodi Skins – July 2018

Kodi is one of the most configurable pieces of open source software available for general use.  One of the most visible customizations you can make to Kodi is to install a Kodi Skin.  Skins are modules that you can install that change the entire interface of your Kodi installation.

When you first install and open Kodi, you will see Kodi’s default skin, which is called Estuary as of Kodi 17.6.  Personally, I use Estuary as my go-to skin because it makes sense to me.  But many people want a more advanced interface with more graphics, bells, and whistles, so they install various skins.

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There are tons of options when it comes to skins.  Each option is really based on personal preference.  I will show you some skins that I like, but this is not the definitive list of great skins.  You may like some of these and you may not.

As I mentioned above, the default skin for Kodi is called Estuary.  It is definitely the most popular skin. After Kodi has been installed on your preferred device, a default Skin is already set up within the app. This default Skin is the Estuary Skin and is the most popular. But it is very easy to change to a different skin.

To select a different Kodi Skin, follow the steps below:

Open Kodi and Click on the settings gear in the upper left corner of the home screen.

Kodi Settings Gear

Click Interface Settings

Select Skin in the left menu and then click Skin in the right pane

Click Get more…

Choose the Skin you want

In this example, I chose to install the BOX skin.  I don’t really like that skin, but it will demonstrate the functionality.  Once you choose a skin from this list, it will be installed.

The skin will change and you will be asked if you want to keep the skin or not.

Those instructions showed you how to change from the default Estuary skin.  But if you have a different skin installed already, then you might have to hunt around a bit.  But, generally, you can go into the System Settings and find Interface Settings.  From there you things will be basically the same throughout all the different skins.

Here a some of the skins I like.  

My Favorite Kodi Skins


Confluence Skin is a modern looking skin with a very intuitive interface.  This skin is very customizable and you can add and remove menu items.  The category bar can be moved up and down to your liking. It is very popular and is included as the default skin in a number of different Kodi Builds.

Aeon Nox

The Aeon skin is another super slick, modern skin that has a futuristic look and feel.  My favorite build No Limits Build uses a slightly modified version of the Aeon Nox skins known as the SiLVO MOD.  When you first install this skin, give it plenty of time to install. You will see a notification that it is building the menu.

(fuse) neue

One of the reasons I like this skin is that it is very simplistic. Unlike most of the skins, the menu is at the top and only has 4 categories.  Videos, Music, Add-Ons, and Settings.  This is a great skin to use for someone that doesn’t want all the bells and whistles, but still wants a skin that has a nice modern feel.


Chroma is unique in that it was specifically designed to be used on UHD TV screens.  The fonts and images are super high-definition so it looks stunning on the latest 4K UHD TVs.  If you don’t have a UHD TV, then I wouldn’t recommend using this as the large image sizes take up more space.  Better to stick with one of the other skins.


If you are into customizing your home screen, then the Amber skin is for you.  Amber allows you to change the menus to display any pictures you can upload to your device.  The tabs are also customizable as well as many of the other functions.  This skin has a lot to offer.


The Mimic Skin reminds me a lot of the original Estuary skin which is one of my all-time favorites.  Although it is very different, it uses similar styling and colors.  Mimic is also a very lightweight skin so it works well on Amazon TV devices such as the Fire TV and Fire Stick.


If you run Kodi on your tablet, phone, or other touchscreen devices, then Estouchy was designed with you in mind.  The look and feel of Estouchy are almost identical to Estuary. But this skin is designed to be used with your finger instead of a remote or a mouse.  A must-have for touchscreen users.

Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova has always been one of the prettiest skins in my mind.  It’s similar to Chroma in that it is a very high definition skin.  But it is a little more lightweight and can be used on Fire TV or Fire Stick without having much impact on performance.  Very pretty skin.


If you are a fan of Movies and TV Shows, then the Adonic Skin is a perfect fit for you.  The way this skin is laid out and the functionality of how the movie and TV show details are presented were very nice and intuitive.  Also, this skin generally has a unique look among other skins of this type.  It uses emblems or icons instead of labels for each category.


The best way to describe this skin is simplistic.  The Pellucid Skin offers an unbelievably clean look and feel with high quality, high-resolution backgrounds.  These combined qualities make this skin one of the most popular skins around.  The menus are simple and the categories are shown in the middle of the screen.  Small settings an power button at the bottom for a very minimalist look.

Simplicity is the best way to describe the Pellucid Kodi Skin. An extremely clean interface with a high-quality background makes Pellucid one of the best choices as a Skin. Categories are listed in the middle of the screen with small Settings logos on the bottom which make for an extremely efficient layout.

Other Ways to Customize Your Interface

Now that you have your new skin installed, there are some other things you can do to tweak the interface.  You can go into the System Menu and then Interface Settings to further tweak the skin.

You can change the colors, themes, fonts and more.  Play around with all the settings and see what you like.

If you are looking for an easier installation without having to do much, then install a Kodi Build.  Kodi Builds come with pre-configured skins that have the menus already linked to the add-ons.  Check out my article Top WORKING Kodi Builds – July 2018 for some of my favorites.

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