How to Install CKayTV – The Best Mobdro Alternative

If you are using the ad-free version of Mobdro like the one I install in my tutorial How to Install Mobdro on Amazon Fire TV Devices, you will have noticed by now that it has ceased to function.  This has happened in the past, and it’s just a matter of the developer to get a working updated version put together and we will be back in business.

But if you can’t wait, there is a great alternative app that will give you the live streams you are looking for.  Many of those streams are from the same sources as used by Mobdro, so you can expect a similar quality stream for the most part.  

Your IP is: Your Connection

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Some of the methods of getting IPTV I already covered in my article How to get Free IPTV on Amazon Fire TV or Stick. Feel free to read that article as well for some great information. But in this article, I wanted to offer up what I believe to be the best alternative to Mobdro just for the sake of getting everyone back up and running.  

CKayTV has been around in the streaming community for quite some time.  It offers many of the same channels as Mobdro but has a little bit different interface.  Obviously, CKayTV is available in the Jailbreak App Vault which all of my readers will be familiar with by now.  If you don’t have the App Vault installed, you can follow my tutorial How to Install the Jailbreak App Vault.

Installing CKayTV

Click on the icon for the Jailbreak App Vault.  It will be in your apps and the icon looks like this.

If you have already been using the Jailbreak App Vault, then our code will already be entered into the code field.  Check to be sure it is correct, and if it isn’t, then enter the code 47356537

Once you are sure the code is entered correctly, press CONTINUE to enter the Jailbreak App Vault.

You will see CKayTV v3.2 at the top of the list.  Click on the download icon and CKayTV will begin downloading.

You can see the download progress.

When the download has completed, the download icon changes to an install icon.  Click on the install icon to begin installing CKayTV

You will be shown the list of permissions that CKayTV requires.  Scroll down until you see the option to install and click Install

CKayTV will begin installing

When CKayTV Fix is finished installing, select Done and click on it.

You will be back at the Jailbreak App Vault apps list screen again.  Press the back button on your Fire TV remote to exit out of the app list screen.  You will be asked if you want to leave.  Click Yes

Now, back at the Jailbreak App Vault code screen, use your Fire TV remote to move up to the top of the screen and click on the little trash can icon up at the top right.

You will be asked if you want to empty the trash.  Click Yes

Then click the back button again to completely exit the Jailbreak App Vault.  Press the home button on your remote to go back to the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV device.  Then long-press the home button again like you did before and choose apps.  Let’s go back to the apps screen and look for CKayTV.  It will most likely be at the bottom of the list because you installed it last.

Let’s move it back up to the top.  While the CKayTV icon is selected, long press the SELECT button on your remote.  It’s the big button in the center. You will see a message come up on the screen that tells you to press SELECT again to drop the icon where you want it. 

Move the icon up to the top and then press SELECT to drop it there.

Now, if you go back to the Home screen on your Amazon Fire TV device, you will see CKayTV in the front of the list under YOUR APPS & CHANNELS

Click on the CKayTV icon on the home screen to open up CKayTV.  The home screen is very simple and there is no configuration to be done.  Just start watching live TV channels.  

I hope you enjoy using CKayTV.  It isn’t the slickest interface in the world, but in light of the fact that Mobdro is currently down, I believe it’s the best alternative available anywhere.  Remember, ALWAYS use a VPN when using any kind of app to get any kind of media.  As a matter of fact, if you are connected to the Internet in any way, you should be using a high-quality VPN.  I use and recommend IPVanish for all my customers and networks.  Right now you can get an exclusive 57% discount on IPVanish VPN service if you act now.  Click here to take advantage of this limited time offer.

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