How to Update No Limits Build on Kodi

How to Update No Limits Build on Kodi

No Limits Builds continues to be our favorite build available for Kodi.  No Limits Build comes with all the best Kodi Add-Ons pre-installed, so you don’t have to spend the time hunting around for all the Add-Ons individually.  Many of the repos that you need to install some of the Add-Ons are flaky at best, and often they move around.  Following online tutorials is difficult as well because even the authors of the articles can’t keep up with the changing repositories.  No Limits Build is the closest we have seen to a one-click Kodi setup.

If you don’t already have No Limits Builds installed, be sure to follow our tutorial How to Install No Limits Build on Kodi.

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For this tutorial, we will be using the standard skin that comes pre-installed with No Limits Build.  This skin is Aeon Nox SiLVO.  This is a wicked looking skin that can be configured in tons of different ways.  If you love tweaking and configuring, this skin will keep you busy.  I personally change the skin to Estuary because I find it to be more straightforward.  But, here we will use Aeon Nox SiLVO.


From the No Limits Build main menu, scroll over to SYSTEM and then click on PROGRAM ADDONSKodiNoLimitsProgramAddons

You will see the No Limits Wizard right up there toward the top.  Click on it to run the No Limits Wizard.KodiNoLimitsWizard

You will be presented with a list of different servers and builds.  The procedure is the same as installing No Limits Builds fresh.  But when you already have it installed, it only upgrades it.   Choose the build you want to install/upgrade and click on it.KodiNoLimitsServer

No Limits Build will download and upgrade your installation.  When it is finished upgrading, you will have to restart Kodi by either restarting your device or doing a force close on Kodi. Once you have restarted Kodi, your No Limits Build will have been updated. NoLimitsBuild

Now that you know how to How to Update No Limits Build on Kodi.  Be sure to secure your connection with a VPN to keep your ISP from slowing you down, spying on you or blocking you.  For more information, be sure to check out our article What is a VPN? Why do I need it?

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