How to Turn Off Fire TV or Firestick

In this article, I will show you how to turn off your Fire TV or Firestick.  There is no physical on/off switch or power button for Amazon Fire TV devices.  Generally, it’s OK to let them just stay on.  This ensures that the device updates automatically and comes on quickly when you want to watch TV.  But if you are a stickler for power savings and just want to turn it off, then there is a very easy solution that will still allow you to have a great experience and still save those megawatts.

The Fire TV operating system offers a Sleep mode that powers the Fire TV device almost all the way down.  You can access this mode by long-pressing the home button on your remote control until you see the following screen come up.

Then scroll over one to the right and click on Sleep.

Once you click Sleep, your device will immediately sleep.

This effectively powers off your device except for some circuitry that looks for a key-press on the remote.  As soon as you press any key on the remote, it will wake up again and continue normal operation.  Putting your device to sleep is usually unnecessary because your Fire TV device will automatically go into sleep mode after a while if you aren’t using it anyway.

If you want to power it off completely, you can always disconnect the power cord.   Sometimes if you are having issues with the Fire TV device, powering it off and back on can help.  If you are having problems with your Fire TV device, you can also restart it from within the Settings menu.  If you have a misbehaving app, you can reset just one app or reset the device to factory defaults if you need a completely fresh start.

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