How to Pair Bluetooth Devices with Fire TV Devices

How to Pair Bluetooth Devices with Fire TV Devices

We all know that the Amazon Fire TV family of devices are unbelievably affordable and user-friendly devices.  If you installed Kodi, Terrarium TV, Mobdro, Morpheus TV or Popcorn Time on yours, you know the power that these little devices have.  Many of you have even canceled your cable subscriptions and gone completely streaming TV with your jailbroken Fire TV device taking center stage in your home theater setup.

What some people don’t realize is, that, you can also pair a wide range of Bluetooth device with your Fire TV device to expand its functionality in ways you didn’t imagine.

In this tutorial, I want to show you how easy it is to pair up a Bluetooth device to your Fire TV.  I will be using a Bluetooth Keyboard for this article.

Pairing the Bluetooth device

Go to the Settings page of your Amazon Fire TV device

Scroll over to the right until Controllers & Bluetooth Devices is selected.

Click on Controllers & Bluetooth Devices to access the following menu.

Scroll down and select Other Bluetooth Devices

This will bring up a screen that will list the devices that are already paired as well as give you the option of adding Bluetooth devices.  Be sure your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode at this point and click on Add Bluetooth Devices.

The Amazon Fire TV device will search for devices that are in pairing mode, and you will see your device show up in the list.  In this case, it found the keyboard I am using.

Click on the discovered device to begin the pairing process.

When the device is paired, you will see some information about the device on the right pane, and a popup message will appear that confirms the device has been successfully paired.

That is pretty straightforward.  I like to also pair my Bluetooth headphones to my device, but you can pair keyboards, mice, trackpads, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, sound bars, etc.  Not every Bluetooth device is compatible with the Fire TV devices.  For more information about the types of devices that you can use with your Fire TV, follow this link.

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