How to Install the Jailbreak App Vault on Android

If you have been following my articles and videos, you know that I always recommend installing apps from my Jailbreak App Vault.  I work hard to make sure the apps are updated regularly so that you don’t have to go hunt down the latest versions.  In my article How to Install the Jailbreak App Vault, I show you how to install the App Vault on your Amazon Fire TV device.  But you can use the App Vault on ANY Android-based devices such as your phone or tablet. Some of the apps in the Vault are designed for the Amazon Fire TV Operating System, but most are standard Android apps that you can run on any Android device.

Be sure you have your VPN up and running before you start this process.  If you don’t have a VPN you are taking a huge risk when using any of the streaming media applications in my articles and videos.  Lucky for you IPVanish is offering an incredible 57% discount for all my readers.

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Be sure to follow my article How to Install IPVanish VPN Service on Amazon Fire TV Devices to get it installed and configured.

Installing the Jailbreak App Vault on Android

First I’m going to set up my VPN connection.  Open up your IPVanish app on your Android device and click the CONNECT button.

Verify that you are connected to the server you want to be connected to.

Once that is all going, open up the Web browser on your Android device.  I use Chrome.  In the address bar, type the following URL: or search for “Filelinked” in Google Search.  You are looking for the link shown in the image below.  Click on the Filelinked link to go to the Web page.

You will see the home page for the Filelinked application. 

Scroll down and click on DOWNLOAD FILELINKED.

The Filelinked application will download.  Depending on your version of Android or your brand of device, the downloaded file may or may not automatically prompt you to install the file.  In my case, I was asked if I want to install the app.  Click INSTALL.

FileLinked will begin installing.

When it is finished installing, go ahead and click OPEN.

The FileLinked application will start up and initialize.

You will be asked to input a code.  The code for the Jailbreak App Vault is 47356537

Once you have entered my code, you can click on CONTINUE to enter the App Vault.  You will see a little splash screen with a link to that great 57% discount on IPVanish that I have for you. 

GET A VPN! Or you can just click DISMISS

Welcome to the Jailbreak App Vault!  You will find all the apps that I write and make videos about.  Everything is within a couple of clicks of getting installed and running.

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