How to Install Terrarium TV (ad-free) on Fire Stick

How to Install Terrarium TV (ad-free) on Fire Stick

UPDATED:  Terrarium TV is now defunct.  If you want the same great functionality of Terrarium TV, just follow my tutorial How to Install Titanium TV – The New Terrarium TV

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We wanted to shift gears a little bit and start talking about some other streaming software that we believe should be on every streaming media device.  Terrarium TV is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and easy to use applications for streaming movies and TV series that we have encountered.  For this reason, we recommend installing Terrarium TV as part of our Ultimate Fire Stick Streaming Setup.  For the complete list of recommended applications, please read our article Ultimate Fire Stick Streaming Setup 2018

In the past, installing Kodi was the best way to get free movies and TV shows.  And those that installed Kodi called it “jailbreaking”.  Installing Kodi is not technically jailbreaking the Fire TV device, but it sounds cool, I guess.

Your IP is: Your Connection

Stop your ISP and your government from spying on your activity.  Use a VPN to protect your privacy.  A VPN is an essential tool when you are using any free or low-cost streaming application or service.  Especially if you are using a jailbroken Fire TV or Fire Stick or Android box.  ALWAYS use a VPN if you want the best streaming experience, the best selection of media and don't want your ISP to slow you down or shut you down.  I recommend IPVanish VPN for all my clients and I use it on all my devices.


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You will need to install MX Player for the best experience.  Follow our tutorial How to Install MX Player on Amazon Fire TV. You will be asked which player to use the first time you run Terrarium TV, and you will select MX Player.

Installing Terrarium TV ad-free uses the same method as we used in our article How to install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire Stick.  You do NOT need to jailbreak your Fire TV device to follow this tutorial.  We will be using the Downloader App for Fire TV.  If you don’t already have this program installed on your Fire TV, you can follow our tutorial on How to Install the Downloader app on Fire TV.

Once you have installed the Downloader App, open it and at the top, in the URL section, type the following exactly:

After you have it typed in correctly, click Go.

You will be taken back to the main screen and you will see the URL in the top section.  Click Download to start downloading Terrarium TV Mod Ad-Free.

Downloader will connect and download the file.

After Downloading, if the file does not open automatically, click Open.  You will see the next screen.  You will be asked what you want to do, and in this case, you will want to click INSTALL.

Terrarium TV Mod Ad-Free will start installing.

Once Terrarium TV Mod Ad-Free is installed, you will have to option to go back to Downloader or Open Terrarium TV.  Let’s go ahead and click Open and get right to watching TV.

The Terrarium TV Mod Ad-Free has a VERY nice interface.  It looks just like Terrarium TV with Ads, except that there are no ads, obviously.  

Clicking on the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen allows you to easily switch between Movies and TV Shows, as well as access your favorites.  Any Movie or TV Show can be added to favorites by clicking the little star at the top right and making it solid.  

Here we have switched over to the Movies panel.  Every movie is here.  You can always search for a movie if you don’t see it here.

Let’s go ahead and play a movie.  We have selected Coco from the menu and single clicked on it.  This brings up the information panel.  Everything you would expect to be here is here.  And you can play the trailer from here as well.

To play the movie or TV show, you long press the OK button on the remote.  When you do, that triggers the provider search. You can wait until it is finished, but in our tests, we always clicked the top provider as soon as we saw any, and it always seemed to work.

To select a stream to play, just single click the OK button.  When you do, a menu will pop up that has some interesting options.

You can choose to Play the video with or without subtitles.  And even choose to download the video with or without subs.  In this case, we will Play with subtitles.

Terrarium TV uses OpenSubtitles as its main subtitle service.  There are also a couple others in there, but primarily OpenSubtitles will be used. After selecting Play with subtitles, OpenSubtitles will be searched and you will see a list of the different subtitles that were found.  If you select more than one subtitle language in the settings, you will see all those languages here. 

After selecting the subtitle you want, and the video will start to play.  We believe that Terrarium TV is the fastest, most reliable tool for on-demand movies and TV shows.  This will be obvious to you when you see how quickly the stream gets up and running.

The video will start playing.  In our experience, the streams are almost always stable with very little buffering.  Terrarium TV also has the ability to combine streams if it finds more than one of the same streams.  This is a huge feature that can increase your streaming speed up to 5x according to the developers.

Now that you know how to How to Install Terrarium TV (ad-free) on Fire Stick, be sure to secure your connection with a VPN to keep your ISP from slowing you down, spying on you or blocking you.  For more information, be sure to check out our article What is a VPN? Why do I need it?

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