How To Install Relax TV APK on Fire TV/Fire TV Stick

Relax TV is a live TV streaming app that is installed by installing an APK.  Relax TV has thousands of channels and many of them are in HD.  You can watch channels from all over the world and even sort by genre.  This app could even prompt you to cancel your cable TV or Dish account!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Relax TV APK on your Amazon FireStick, Fire TV or Fire TVCube

I will be showing you how to do this installation using the Jailbreak App Vault.  This app makes it easy to install any of the apps I write about in just a couple of clicks.  If you don’t have the App Vault installed, follow my tutorial How to Install the Jailbreak App Vault.  You can also perform this installation on your Android device, in the same manner, using the App Vault for Android by following this article How to Install the Jailbreak App Vault on Android.  Once you have that installed, you can move on with the installation.

Note:  You need to have a VPN installed and connected whenever you are connected to the Internet.  Not only does your ISP slow you down when it sees you are streaming, but the apps themselves also tend to be “leaky” with your IP address.  Don’t take chances.  You’re already getting great, free streaming content.  Spend the couple bucks to give yourself the ultimate streaming experience.  IPVanish is offering an incredible 57% discount on its World-Class VPN Service for my readers. 

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Installing Relax TV

First, verify that your VPN is connected.

Now you can be sure your connection is secure and running full-speed.

Click on the icon for the Jailbreak App Vault.  It will be in your apps and the icon looks like this.

If you have already been using the Jailbreak App Vault, then my code will already be entered into the code field.  Check to be sure it is correct, and if it isn’t, then enter the code 47356537

Once you are sure the code is correct, press CONTINUE to enter the Jailbreak App Vault.

You will see Relax TV on the list. Click on the download icon and Relax TV will begin downloading.

You can see the download progress.

When the download has completed, the download icon changes to an install icon.  Click on the install icon to begin installing Relax TV.

You will be shown the list of permissions that Relax TV requires.  Scroll down until you see the option to install and click Install

Relax TV will begin installing

When Relax TV is finished installing, select Done and click on it.

You will be back at the Jailbreak App Vault apps list screen again.  Press the back button on your Fire TV remote to exit out of the app list screen.  You will be asked if you want to leave.  Click Yes

Click the back button again to completely exit the Jailbreak App Vault.  Press the home button on your remote to go back to the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV device.  Then long-press the home button again like you did before and choose apps.  Let’s go back to the apps screen and look for Relax TV.  It will most likely be at the bottom of the list because you installed it last.

Let’s move it up to the top.  While the Relax TV icon is selected, long press the SELECT button on your remote.  It’s the big button in the center. You will see a message come up on the screen that tells you to press SELECT again to drop the icon where you want it. 

Move the icon up to the top and then press SELECT to drop it there.

Now, if you go back to the Home screen on your Amazon Fire TV device, you will see Relax TV in the front of the list under YOUR APPS & CHANNELS

Go ahead and click on the icon for Relax TV and let’s take a quick look at this app.  When you first open it, you will get some messages and one error.  First, you will get an error that Google Play Services is not installed.  This is normal because Fire TV Devices don’t support Google Play Services.  Wait for a few seconds and hit the back button to clear this message.

Then you will see a User Guide.  It says don’t use an ad-blocker and I found that it won’t even work if an ad-blocker is even installed.  It saw my ad-blocker even when it was turned off.  If you had an ad-blocker installed, you wouldn’t have even gotten to this screen.  Click OK

Next, you will see a disclaimer.  Click OK

You will now see the home screen for Relax TV.  The first screen you will see is the LIVE TV screen where you will see just a huge list of different sources and channels.

Then you can select any of the tabs along the top to change the screen.  Here is the WEB TV tab where you will find all the Web TV stuff, obviously.

And the RELAX TV tab where it looks like things are categorized a little better.  I think this should be the default home tab, but you can’t change it.

Under the USA TV button, for instance, you can see there are lots of USA channels.

Something that doesn’t work quite right is the ability to select an external player.  When you select a different player other than the default, things get wonky.  Your mileage may vary.

And if you still don’t have a VPN, you need to get signed up now before you get all cozy watching TV.  This is not a game anymore.  Wait until you get a letter from your ISP and see how that works out.  Go ahead and spend the couple bucks to get IPVanish VPN and get that setup and turned on.  You get 57% off right now, so grab that while it lasts.

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