How to Install Plutonium Build on Kodi

Plutonium Build for Kodi is one of the best Kodi builds available as of this writing.  It’s very lightweight build at 142mb, but comes pre-installed with every app you will need to stream all the media you could possibly want. Since it is a small build, it runs very well on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  But it also works perfectly on any other devices that are compatible with Kodi.

Plutonium Build has an intuitive interface that is based on the Aeon Nox skin.  If you have already tried my other favorite build No Limits Build, then you will feel right at home with this build, as they have similar interfaces.

I always recommend installing new builds on fresh Kodi installations.  This ensures that there are no conflicts with anything that might be pre-existing.

Always use a VPN

I have said it a million times, but I’ll say it again.  If you are not using a VPN to secure your connection, then you are living dangerously.   Just the privacy issues alone should be enough to convince most people to use a VPN.  But those of us that are streaming media from the Internet benefit tremendously from using a VPN. I recommend IPVanish VPN.

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That being said, on with the show.

Follow these steps to install Plutonium Build for Kodi on your device.

How To Install Plutonium Build for Kodi

Start Kodi

Click the Settings icon

Kodi Settings Gear

Click System settings

Choose Add-ons from the left menu and turn on Unknown sources if it is not already enabled

You will have to confirm that you want to do this.  Click Yes

Click back to go back to the System page and select File Manager

Click Add source

Click <None>

Enter the following address exactly how it is shown here – and click OK

Go down to where it says “Enter a name…” and enter any name you like.  You can leave it as repo if you want.  I will leave it as repo for this tutorial. Click OK

Return to the Kodi home screen and click on the Add-ons menu

Click on the little open box icon a the top left of the screen

Kodi Install Addon

Click Install from zip file

Kodi Install from Zip

Choose repo or whatever you named it in the previous steps


Wait for the message that EzzerMacs Wizard Repository Add-On has been installed

Click Install from repository

Kodi Install from Repo

Click EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

Choose Program Add-ons

Click Ezzermans Wizard

Click Install

Ezzermans Wizard will install

Click Dismiss on the message that pops up.

Return to the Kodi home-screen.  You may see the Ezzermans Wizard here as I do in the example.  But if you don’t scroll on down and click on Add-ons

Scroll down to Program Add-ons and you will see Ezzermans Wizard shown there.  Run the wizard by clicking on it.

Click on (EZ Wizard) Builds

Choose Plutonium Build

Click Standard Install

Click Yes, Install

Plutonium Build for Kodi will download.

Then it will unzip and install

When it is finished installing, you will be asked if you want to Force Close Kodi.  Yes, choose Force Close

Plutonium Build for Kodi Overview

After you have Force Closed Kodi and restarted it, you will be presented with your new build menu.  In this case, Plutonium Build for Kodi.  The build will go through some gyrations when you first open it.  It needs to configure a few things.  Just be patient and watch the messages come and go for a few minutes.

When it is finished configuring itself, you will see your shiny new build.  The interface in Plutonium Build is Aeon Nox.  Aeon Nox is a super configurable skin with a very modern and sleek interface.  The menus have been preconfigured to connect with the apps that have been installed as a part of the build.  In most cases, you should be able to start using the menus right away with little or no configuration.

The preconfigured menu entries are Movies, TV Shows, Scream, Docuvision, Nitro, True Grit, Nippers, DJ Time, VOD & Subs, Videos, Apps, System 1.7, Power, Game On, Hobbies, Tap Out, Live TV, & Hilarious.

The apps that fulfill the content for the menu include: WOW, Aragon Live, Supremacy, Maverick TV, Rising Tides, FlixSport, Star Tec, Arrakis, Copy & Paste?, I Am Groot, Incursion, Yoda, Sports Devil, and many more.


Plutonium Build for Kodi is one of the most complete builds I’ve come across.  Most every type of content you can think of is available via a modern, intuitive menu system.  Most users will be able to start using Plutonium Build right after the first restart.  It uses a highly configurable menu system but needs little or no configuration.  I recommend Plutonium Build and I’m sure you will see why.

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