How to Install Placenta on Kodi

How to Install Placenta on Kodi

For years, the predominant video streaming add-on for Kodi was Exodus.  Exodus dominated.  With tons of great providers and a simple to use interface, there really was no other add-on that came close.  Those that still use Exodus know that it still works to this day.  It’s just not that great anymore.  Luckily, Exodus didn’t just die, it split off into tons of other great add-ons.  We call those add-ons “forks”.  Like a fork in the road, the road continues on.  There are lots of different forks of Exodus.  Covenant was the go-to fork for the longest time.  Now there are forks of Covenant.

One of our favorite Exodus / Covenant Forks is Placenta.  The name seems odd until you take into account that it was created by and is maintained by Team Afterbirth.  Nonetheless, Placenta is packed with features that make it the predominant streaming video add-on available for Kodi.

Placenta is available as a pre-installed add-on if you have installed No Limits Build.  We always recommend installing a Kodi build instead of trying to install individual add-ons.  But if you already have a build that you are happy with, and you don’t want to reinstall, we will show you how to install Placenta from the Blamo Repo.

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How to Install Placenta on Kodi

Installation of Placenta is much like the installation of any other add-on.

First, you want to add the Blamo repository to Kodi. Open Kodi and click the little gear icon to enter the Kodi System settings.

Kodi Settings Gear

In the System Settings, you will see a section called File Manager.  Click this to enter the File Manager.


The file manager is where you can access files from your local disk drive or, other media sources, such as in this case, on the Web.  Here, we will add the Web address of the Blamo Repo.  Click on Add Source.


Click on <None> and you will see a screen open up that allows you to enter text.



In the text field, type the following EXACTLY as you see it here. then click OK.


You will be brought back to this screen and you will see the repo name is shown.  Now you want to give the media source a name.  We called it Blamo in this example, but you can name it whatever you want.  Just remember what you called it.



Once you have the repo set up in the file manager, you will install from that media source.  Go back to the Kodi main screen and click on add-ons.


Then click on the little icon of the box in the upper left-hand side of the screen.


Then select Install from zip file


Choose the Blamo media source that you added in the first steps.


Then select the zip file  This will install the Blamo Repo.


Now that the Blamo Repo is installed, you will want to install Placenta from this repo.  Repeat the process of installing from a zip file, but instead of choosing install from zip file, we will be installing from a repo this time.  Same thing.  Start at the main screen, click Add-Ons, then click the little box and this time select Install from repository.



Kodi Install from Repo

Once you click Install from repository, choose the Blamo Repo.


Then select Video Add-Ons


Then from within Video Add-Ons, choose the Placenta Add-On.


Choose Install on this screen


Placenta will install and you will see the Placenta Icon on the home screen under Video Add-Ons.  


Now that you know how to How to Install Placenta on Kodi.  Be sure to secure your connection with a VPN to keep your ISP from slowing you down, spying on you or blocking you.  For more information, be sure to check out our article What is a VPN? Why do I need it?

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