How to Install a Web Browser on Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV has tons of streaming apps available for any sort of media you can imagine.  But sometimes it would be nice to just browse the web and watch content from your favorite websites.  This tutorial will show you how to easily install a Web browser right on your Amazon Fire TV device to browse whatever you want.

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In the past, you had to go through some gyrations to get a Web browser installed on a Fire TV device.  But with the introduction of Silk Browser and Firefox for Amazon Devices, it’s just a few clicks away.  We will be installing the Silk Browser for Amazon Fire TV in this tutorial, but you can follow the same steps to install Firefox as well.

First, you will want to get your Fire TV device fired up and get your VPN connection established.  If you have your settings right in your VPN, it should stay persistently connected.  In any case, verify that it is connected.  If you don’t have a VPN, you can get a huge discount on IPVanish VPN with this link. You need a VPN!  Especially if you stream any sort of media online.

Now that you are all set and the VPN is connected, let’s get on with the installation of the Silk Browser.  Silk Browser is an Amazon product and is made specifically for use with the Fire TV operating system on all the Fire TV devices.  This is why it’s my pick for the best browser for Fire Stick.  Firefox is another great browser, but I find that it can be a little more complicated and I like a simple browser.  But, as I said above, you can use these same steps to install Firefox if you would rather use that browser.  If any of you have done a Kodi installation, you might have used the Downloader App.  This is actually a browser as well, and some use it as such.  The difference with Downloader is that you can download things from the Web, whereas the browsers available from the Amazon App Store don’t allow downloads.

From the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV device, scroll over to the top left and select the little magnifying glass icon.

Type in “Silk” and you will see Silk Browser in the results below.  Click on it.

You will see the Silk Browser in the App Store at this point.  The icon says “internet”.  Click on that icon.  You will also see Firefox there.  So, if you wanted to install that, you can select that icon.

You will be taken to the main Amazon Silk Browser information screen.  Here, you can download and install the app.  Click on the Download icon.

Amazon Silk will begin downloading and then installing.  Once the process is complete, the icon will change to an OPEN icon and you can open Amazon Silk.

The first time you open Amazon Silk Browser, you will be asked to accept the terms of use.  Scroll down to the bottom and the button will be accessible.  

You will then see the home screen of Amazon Silk.  You will see that they have already put a couple of shortcuts down there for you.  This is actually the official way to access YouTube on Fire TV.  Even if you install the YouTube App from the Amazon App Store, it is only a shortcut to Silk.  Or if you have Firefox installed, it will be a link to Firefox.  In any case, now you have an easy way to browse all your favorite sites right on your TV.







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