How to Block Ads on Amazon Fire TV Devices

The best thing about using an Amazon Fire TV device as your streaming media platform is that there are so many official and unofficial apps you can choose from.  Whether you are sideloading apps or using apps from the Amazon App Store, you may have noticed that some of the best apps have ads.  In some cases, the developers have made the ads blend into their interface so that it doesn’t block content.  In other cases, such as Mobdro and Live NetTV have full-screen ads that make you wait for up to a minute.  Some people just grin and bear it, but most people I know would be happy to get rid of the ads altogether.

Your IP is: Your Connection

Stop your ISP and your government from spying on your activity.  Use a VPN to protect your privacy.  A VPN is an essential tool when you are using any free or low-cost streaming application or service.  Especially if you are using a jailbroken Fire TV or Fire Stick or Android box.  ALWAYS use a VPN if you want the best streaming experience, the best selection of media and don't want your ISP to slow you down or shut you down.  I recommend IPVanish VPN for all my clients and I use it on all my devices.


Always use a VPN when streaming media online
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Luckily the developers over at Blokada have created the ultimate ad-blocking app and it works great to block ALL the ads in ANY app you have installed on your Fire TV device.  And this app also works great on any Android device.  Blokada is an open source project, which means you can be sure it’s always going to be free, safe to use, and without any hidden agenda.  Blokada does an excellent job of blocking ads in Mobdro and LiveNetTV.  Blokada runs in the background and uses very few resources and takes up very little space.  This is a huge feature that those with Fire TV Sticks will appreciate.

How to Install Blokada

First, verify that your VPN is connected. This is to be sure that your connection is secure and running at full-speed.

Blokada can be downloaded from the developer’s website  But for ease of installation, you should be using the Jailbreak App Vault.  This little app gives you one-click access to all the apps I write about in my articles.  If you don’t have the App Vault installed, follow this quick tutorial to get it up and running and then continue with this tutorial.

Click on the icon for the Jailbreak App Vault.  It will be in your apps and the icon looks like this.

If you have already been using the Jailbreak App Vault, then my code will already be entered into the code field.  Check to be sure it is correct, and if it isn’t, then enter the code 47356537

Once you are sure the code is correct, press CONTINUE to enter the Jailbreak App Vault.

You will see Blokada on the list. Click on the download icon and Blokada will begin downloading.

You can see the download progress.

When the download has completed, the download icon changes to an install icon.  Click on the install icon to begin installing Blokada.

You will be shown the list of permissions that Blokada requires.  Scroll down until you see the option to install and click Install

Blokada will begin installing

When Blokada is finished installing, select Done and click on it.

You will be back at the Jailbreak App Vault apps list screen again.  Press the back button on your Fire TV remote to exit out of the app list screen.  You will be asked if you want to leave.  Click Yes

Click the back button again to completely exit the Jailbreak App Vault.  Press the home button on your remote to go back to the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV device.  Then long-press the home button again like you did before and choose apps.  Let’s go back to the apps screen and look for Blokada.  It will most likely be at the bottom of the list because you installed it last.

Go ahead and click on the icon for Blokada and let’s take a quick look at this app.  When you first open it, you will see the Blokada splash screen for a few seconds. 

Then, you will see the main screen with a popup that has instructions.  You can simply dismiss this because there are really no settings to change.  Everything is set correctly right out of the box.

On the main screen, there are only two things you can do if you are installing Blokada on a Fire TV device.  You will see that the cursor starts out on the Notifications setting toggle. The only other place you can move the cursor to is down one click to the power button. 

Click on the Notifications toggle to turn off notifications.

Now, click the down arrow one time and you will be on the power button.  Click the power button to power on Blokada.  Since this is the first time you have powered on Blokada, you will be asked if you are sure you want to allow a VPN connection.  This is the mechanism by which Blokada works, so you will want to click OK to allow it.  You won’t be asked again.

You will see over on the left, that it is downloading and updating its list of known ad sites to block. When Blokada has finished doing this, the power button will turn orange which indicates that it is powered on and actively blocking ads. 

There is nothing else you need to do.  This app will start in the background automatically and block ads silently.  It also learns as it goes, so if you see an ad one time, it is likely you won’t see it again because Blokada will flag it as an ad and hide it in the future.


Ads are not only obtrusive to your streaming experience, but they can also pose security risks to your devices.  Ads are notorious for scraping all the information they can obtain from your device such as IP address.  Using a high-quality ad blocker such as Blokada will eliminate any of this taking place.  You should also use a VPN such as IPVanish to completely eliminate risks posed by rogue apps and bad actors on the Internet.

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