How to Install Pluto TV – No-Cost IPTV Alternative

There are many IPTV services to choose from these days.  If you have a jailbroken Fire TV device, there are some that are designed especially for use with Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks. There are also a lot of great free IPTV type apps out there.  Gears TV, Radiosity and the like charge a fee for their services, but provide high-quality streams in HD as well as all the major sports packages such as MLB Extra Innings, NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Center Ice, etc.  That is the advantage of paying a subscription.  On the other hand, free IPTV alternatives such as Mobdro, CKayTV, and a few others offer you a very reasonable quality streaming experience with some of the obvious downsides to getting free content.  Often times the streams are not very high-quality and if you want to watch a sporting event that is super popular, you will be competing with tons of other people that want to watch that same stream.  This can lead to the stream being too congested to watch.  

Then there is Pluto TV.  Pluto TV is a 100% free IPTV type service that claims it will always be free.  I had to show you this app because it offers somewhat of a middle ground between the other free IPTV apps and the pay IPTV services.  Pluto TV doesn’t have as many cable network channels, but they do have a few.  Primarily they offer up their own curated content on their own channels.  At first, I wasn’t too excited about this, but after browsing through their super-nice channel guide, I could see that there was a huge amount of content there that I would certainly watch.  There is a channel for almost every major genre of movie as well as a huge array of channels with various other types of programming.  I was expecting to see a lot of old, worn-out programming on Pluto TV, but the content was fresh and varied enough to hold my interest.  And the stream quality is surprisingly high.  In most cases, I was able to watch movies and TV shows in HD or near HD.

One of the drawbacks to using Pluto TV, at least for me, is that the programming is only available if you are in the US.  I live in Colombia, so, at first I was disappointed a little.  But then I fired up my VPN and set it to show my location as Florida, and voila, I was watching Pluto TV.
You will need to use a VPN if you want to use Pluto TV from outside the US.
I always use and recommend IPVanish VPN service.  Not only does it need to be used in this scenario, but you should ALWAYS be using a VPN when you are connected to the Internet.  Spoofing your location is handy, but protecting your privacy is not an option.  Click here to take advantage of a HUGE 57% discount on IPVanish VPN service.  This offer is only for my readers and won’t last long.  Get Connected Today!

To learn how to install IPVanish VPN service on your Amazon Fire TV device, follow my tutorial How To Install IPVanish VPN on Fire Stick or Fire TV

Installation of Pluto TV is very easy.  Pluto TV is available in the Amazon App Store and can be easily found by searching your Fire TV device as shown below.

Pluto TV will show up and you can just click on it to go to the installation screen.

Once you are at the installation screen, click on Download to start the installation process for Pluto TV

Pluto TV will start downloading

Once it has finished downloading and installing, click on the Open button to open Pluto TV 

The Pluto TV splash screen will come up

This is where you will see the issue if you are trying to use Pluto TV outside the US.  If you don’t have your VPN up and running and connected to a US server, you will see the following screen.

Let’s get that straightened out so we can finish configuring Pluto TV.  Open up your IPVanish App and scroll down to where it says Country.  You can see in this illustration that I am in Medellin, Colombia and that is my visible location because I am not connected to the VPN.  Click on Country

You will see a list of country flags.  Scroll down and click on the US flag.

Now you can see that the Country has changed to the United States in IPVanish.  No need to change the city unless you like to use a particular city.  But for this excercise, we will let IPVanish choose the best city for us.  Click on Connect.

If this is the first time you have run IPVanish, you will be asked to confirm the use of a VPN.  Click OK on this screen.

IPVanish will connect.  In this case, it automatically chose Miami, Florida.  That makes sense because it is the closest major city to me.

Click the Home button on your remote and let’s open up Pluto TV again.  This time you will go right to the Pluto TV channel guide.  You will still need to activate your free account to get all the features, so, on the home screen scroll down and click on Activate.

You will see a bar appear at the top of the screen with instructions on how to activate.  

You will be using your computer, tablet, phone or other devices to browse to the site.  Go to the URL in the screen above and you will see the following.  Enter the code here by typing it on your keyboard.

You will be asked to create an account, but I just told it to use Google to log in.  This by far the easiest way to get registered quickly.

Once you are registered, you will see Activation Complete in the browser where you entered the code.

You can choose to go into the online configuration at this point, although it isn’t necessary.  If you click on TAKE ME TO MY PLUTO, you will be taken to the Pluto TV configuration screen.  I’ll just show that to you so you know what it looks like.  But I won’t cover the configuration.

You will see the Pluto TV guide refresh a little as the activation is completed and all the additional features are activated.

That’s all there is to it.  There isn’t any configuration to be done in the app itself, but you can browse to and log in to customize what channels you see, etc.  Otherwise, it acts just like the channel guide on your cable box if you still have one of those old things.  LOL.  I hope you enjoy using Pluto TV.  It isn’t a complete solution, but it does offer a lot of great content for those times you want to flip through the channels and “see what is on”.

Don’t forget, you should use a VPN when you are using Pluto TV or any other Internet-connected application.  I can’t stress this enough.  And if you are outside the US and want to use Pluto TV, you have no choice but to use a VPN.  And there is no better time to sign up, because I have negotiated a great deal for my readers.

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