Best Alternative Methods of Controlling Your Fire TV or Firestick

If you have ever had a broken Amazon Fire TV Remote, you know it can sometimes be a pain to get another one. And once you do get one, it can be difficult to install the replacement.  Lucky for you, in this article, I’m going to show you some alternative methods to control your Fire TV device.  I find that some of these methods are superior to using the actual remote in some cases.

There are basically three ways of controlling your Fire TV Device.  Two of the solutions are using apps on your phone or tablet, and the third is by connecting any number of readily-available Bluetooth controllers.

Use Your TV Remote Control

I don’t have a definitive list of TV manufacturers whose remotes are compatible with Fire TV devices.  But here in Colombia where I live, Samsung is the predominant brand of TV and the remote that comes with the TV works almost perfectly and seamlessly with your Fire TV devices.  There are a couple of quirks that you will encounter, but nothing that is a deal-breaker.  So, for those of you with Samsung TVs, you are a step ahead of the game.  Here are some of my picks for Samsung TVs.

The Fire TV Remote App

The most obvious of the methods is to use the Amazon Fire TV Remote App.  This app is specifically designed to be a replacement for your remote control and is designed by Amazon.  So this is a good solid solution.  This is a free app you can download to your iPhone, Android, or most any other Smartphone and it functions identically to an actual Fire TV remote with the cool addition of a touchpad area which uses swipe navigation.

To install this app on your device just go into whichever app store your device uses and do a search for Amazon Fire TV Remote. Or you can click on the links below for direct downloads.

Fire TV Remote for Android

Fire TV Remote App from Amazon App Store

Fire TV Remote for iPhone/IOS

Using the Fire TV Remote App

Once the App is installed, you will need to connect the Fire TV device to your phone via Wi-Fi. The phone and Fire TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi Network for use. After opening the App, it will detect your device(s).

You will see a list of Amazon Devices that the app discovered.  Mine is listed right there as “Robert’s Fire TV Stick“.  

Click on the device that you want to connect to.  Simultaneously your TV screen will show a code and the app on your phone will want you to input a code.  Input the code.  

As soon as you enter the last number of the code, the app will automatically register itself with your Firestick and the screen on your mobile device or tablet will look more like a remote with some familiar controls.

As I said above, I like the layout of this application as it is very familiar which makes it easy to get used to.

The interface for the Fire TV Remote App is laid out a little differently from the remote itself, but with more screen space, Amazon was able to lay out the controls in an intuitive way that most folks will have no problem finding their way around easily.  The screenshot below is from an Android device but is identical on iPhone as well.

Benefits of Using Apps vs Physical Remote

One of the most immediate benefits that some of you with first generation devices is that now you can use Alexa.  The remotes that were provided with those first generation units did not have Alexa Voice Assist.  However, when you are using the app, that functionality is available on ANY generation of Fire TV device.

There is also a built-in keyboard in the app.  No more fumbling around trying to type using the remote control.  Just clickety-click and you can do searches quickly and easily.

You will find a handy Apps and Games Tool that you can select for fast access to the apps you use most without having to dig around every time you want to watch something.  You can also rearrange these tiles if you prefer a different order.

CetusPlay App

CetusPlay is more of an all-around remote control replacement app that does a great job controlling Amazon Fire TV devices.  Not only can you control Amazon devices, but you can also control a number of other popular streaming media devices. So, if you have a mix of devices in your setup, CetusPlay may be the better alternative for you.

CetusPlay is a free app that is available in the Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store.  Just search for CetusPlay inside either of those app stores or follow the direct links below to download them.

CetusPlay App for Android

CetusPlay App for iPhone

After you have CetusPlay up and running it will automatically link up to any device on the same WiFi network that it is capable of connecting to.  This includes any Fire TV devices you are running.  To pair them up, just click the configure button in the top left-hand corner of the screen and pick your device.

You can connect to multiple devices at the same time and select which ones you want to control.

One of the best features included in CetusPlay is that it offers different navigation methods.  You can navigate using a D-Pad Mode, TouchPad Mode, Keyboard Mod and Mouse Mode.  You can select which mode you want to use by selecting the menu item at the top right-hand corner of the apps screen.  I suggest you play around with the different modes and see which one you like best.

CetusPlay also has a MyApps tab for easy access to your apps without having to scroll all the way down the list to find the one you want.

Another feature that has a lot of people excited is the ability of CetusPlay that allows you to sideload applications.  Any app that you can install on your Android device, you can simply transfer it over to your Firestick and it will install automatically.

Other notable features are that you can view photos and videos from your phone directly on the TV using the Firestick.  And, in order to reduce memory overhead, there is an option to close all unused apps that are running in the background which can slow down your device.

My conclusion is that CetusPlay leads the pack as far as Fire TV remote alternatives.  Definitely worth a look if you need an alternative.

Bluetooth Keyboards/TrackPads/Remotes

There are lots of options for devices that are compatible with your Amazon Fire TV device.  Most any device that supports Bluetooth will pair up with your device and function normally.

You can connect full sized keyboards and mice to your device if you want a real sort of computer feel to it.  Or you can choose one of the more compact keyboards that I will list in my recommended accessories below.



For more information on how to pair any device to your Fire TV, follow my simple tutorial  How to Pair Bluetooth Devices With Amazon Fire TV/Stick.

Original Amazon Fire TV Replacement Remote

If you would rather purchase a new Fire TV/Stick remote directly from Amazon, here are the direct links to for your convenience.

However, if you are considering purchasing a remote for a Firestick, you may find it more cost-effective to just buy a new Fire TV Stick for the extra $10. You can still control the old one with one of the software solutions I outlined above.  Here are links directly to Fire TV devices on Amazon.


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