AT&T’s New WatchTV Streaming Service VS IPTV on Amazon Fire Stick

AT&T’s New WatchTV Streaming Service VS IPTV on Amazon Fire Stick

AT&T WatchTV Streaming Service

The first big announcement to come from AT&T since their monumental acquisition of Time Warner is that they will be offering a new, second streaming service that is less expensive than their already existing DirecTV Now product.  The new offering will be called WatchTV and it will be rolling out next week.  WatchTV offers AT&T customers 31 channels with a promised 6 more networks from Viacom coming soon.  

It is no surprise that there are plenty of Time Warner networks included in this package.  Cartoon Network, TCM, TBS, TNT are included as well as a few other popular networks such as HGTV, AMC, and A&E.  AT&T stated that there will also be 15,000 titles of movies and TV shows available on-demand as well through WatchTV.

Watch TV is currently available with AT&T’s also recently announced unlimited plans.  It is included in the Unlimited & More and Unlimited & More Premium plans.  WatchTV will also be available as a standalone package for $15 a month.  This competes directly with their own Sling TV service which is $20 a month.  AT&T promises to give us more information about that very soon.  AT&T also says that WatchTV will be compatible with “virtually every current smartphone, tablet, or web browser, and “certain streaming devices”.  The word “certain” seems to imply that AT&T will be restricting the compatibility of WatchTV only to certain Smart TVs.  It appears that WatchTV is more targeted at mobile devices.  It’s hard to guess what direction this is going in.  I guess we will have to wait and see which devices will be supported.

Be aware that WatchTV is NOT a replacement for DirectTV Now.  While it competes price-wise, it is not a complete bundle.  But if you are satisfied with the limited number of channels available and don’t care about sports, then it could be a competitive product for that demographic.  Even when the Viacom networks are added like Comedy Central, BET, VH1, MTV2 (not regular MTV), TeenNick, and NickToons, it may not be enough for some people. It certainly starts to become apparent that content providers aren’t willing to give you that much content for such a low price.

Your IP is: Your Connection

Stop your ISP and your government from spying on your activity.  Use a VPN to protect your privacy.  A VPN is an essential tool when you are using any free or low-cost streaming application or service.  Especially if you are using a jailbroken Fire TV or Fire Stick or Android box.  ALWAYS use a VPN if you want the best streaming experience, the best selection of media and don't want your ISP to slow you down or shut you down.  I recommend IPVanish VPN for all my clients and I use it on all my devices.


Always use a VPN when streaming media online
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TV Streams Now IPTV Service

Now that we have shown you what you can expect from one of the biggest providers in the world for $15 a month, let’s contrast that with using an IPTV service instead of going with a traditional provider such as AT&T.

IPTV or “Internet TV” has been around for a while.  And there are some big players out there.  With IPTV service, you typically get hundreds of live TV channels in HD.  While I was able to explain and list most of the channels included in AT&T’s offering, there is no way I will be able to list enough here to make you understand.  Also included in most IPTV services is a complete sports package.  NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, all major sporting events and all of the pay-per-view events such as WWE, UFC, Boxing, you name it all in HD.   I use and have been using TV Streams Now and have been very happy.  TV Streams Now offers an IPTV solution that, while costing just a bit more, gives you much more by way of content.  TV Streams Now

TV Streams Now has applications for AndroidTV, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV 3 and Fire OS 6.  It installs on the Amazon Fire Stick in the same manner that you would sideload any other application.  You can choose to use Apps2Fire like I did in this article on to How to Install MX Player on Amazon Fire TV with Apps2Fire.  Or you can use the Downloader App for Amazon Fire TV.  Whatever method you use, the application is easy to download from the TV Streams Now website.

TV Streams Now offers great support. Chat support is available on their website.  The service is very solid.  In my experience, the quality is very high.  Streams are fast with no buffering and the video quality is HD for all content that is available in HD.  TV Streams Now is priced at $25 per month, and that includes the capability of running the service on 3 different devices.  So, you can set it up on 3 Fire Sticks or 3 Android boxes.  I live in Colombia and many expats use 1 device in the states and the second device here.  Then they put the third license on their tablet for traveling in between.


There really is no comparison between what one of the traditional providers can offer and what IPTV serves up.  Cable companies have always kept our choices limited while charging high prices.  IPTV is very disruptive to their business and the IPTV providers are constantly under assault by the networks and providers.  But IPTV gives you so much more than any provider can give you.  So, while AT&T’s new service is new, it is not a value at $15 a month.

For more information about TV Streams Now IPTV service, or to sign up today, click this link.

I always warn you to secure your connection with a VPN.  If you are streaming content on the Internet, or if you are using the Internet ANY capacity, you should be doing so safely and securely.  I use IPVanish and have tested it in many real-world applications.  I got the folks over at IPVanish to give my readers an astonishing 57% discount.  Click here to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

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