5 Best Kodi Repos – July 2018

Kodi repositories are the heart of the entire Kodi Add-on ecosystem.  The repositories are containers that contain collections of Kodi Add-ons.  If you install an add-on from a repository, then when new versions are updated in the repository, Kodi automatically updates the add-on in your installation.

Kodi Builds contain many of the top repos.  One of the things that makes a great Kodi build is that it contains repositories that are solid and updated frequently.  For all the best repos installed all at once, try one of my recommended builds.  No Limits Build and Plutonium Build.  For more information and for more great builds, check out my article Top WORKING Kodi Builds – July 2018.

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How to Install a Repo

Kodi Repositories are installed using a zip file normally.  Here is a short, generic tutorial that you can apply to all of the repos listed here.

Go to Settings and click File Manager

Click Add Source

Click where it says <none>

Type in the URL and the Source Name in the proper location as shown below

Return to home screen and Click Add-ons

Click the little open box icon at the top left

Choose Install from Zip File

Browse to the source you added.  The name will be the name you typed in in the previous steps.  Here it is called repo.

Inside, there is a zip file.  The name will vary with the repository.

Clicking on the zip file will install the repo.  Then you can install add-ons from the repos.

Disclaimer:  Repos come and go.  I can’t guarantee that any of these will be working by the time you read this.  I can’t guarantee that any particular repo will contain the add-on you are looking for.

Best Kodi Repositories


Kodisrael makes the top of my list of Best Kodi Repos because it has a lot of high-quality add-ons.  Literally, hundreds of Kodi Add-ons are available to choose from.  Kodisrael contains some of the top add-ons in the Kodi world.  Covenant, Exodus, Quantum, Placenta, Elysium and more.  

The reason Kodisrael tops our list of Best Kodi Repositories is due to the quality and quantity it consists of. With hundreds of add-on choices, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

Many of the most prominent Kodi add-ons are featured in this repo including Covenant, Exodus, Elysium, Placenta, Quantum, DuckPool, Fantastic, 123 Movies, and many more.

Kodisrael is also known as Kodil.  You can install the Kodil Repo with the following information

Source Link (URL) – http://www.lvtvv.com/repo/
Source Name – Kodil
Zip File Name – kodil.zip

One of the things I really like about the Kodil Repository is that you can install more than just the same old add-ons.  The Kodi repo has add-ons for music, pictures, programs, subtitles, lyrics and so much more.  This is my top pick.

One of the greatest features Kodisrael provides is the ability to install more than just your typical Movie & TV Show add-ons. Kodil also has Lyrics, Music add-ons, Picture add-ons, Program add-ons, Subtitles and much more.


The SuperRepo is just that.  It is a huge repo.  In fact, it is the largest Kodi repo in the world.  You will find over 3000 add-ons in this repository.  This was a close tie for the number one spot just due to the huge selection of add-ons that you can choose from.

Some of the most popular add-ons that you will find in The SuperRepo are: Lucky TV, Gobble, Filmix, DocumentaryTV, Ares Family, Cloudstream, OneDrive, and thousands more.

The SuperRepo can be installed using the following information

Source Link (URL) – http://srp.nu/
Source Name – Super
Zip File Name – superrepo.kodi.krypton.all.zip

The SuperRepo might possibly be the only repo you will need depending on which add-ons you want to install.  In any case, you won’t find a repo with more add-ons and it’s sure to satisfy your needs.


Blamo Repository is a great repo because of the “sort and sweet” principle.  The first two repositories on my list have thousands upon thousands of add-ons.  But the Blamo Repo has only 22 as of the time of this writing.  But it contains the absolute hits of the Kodi Add-on world.  Add-ons such as Aragon Live, Neptune Rising, Adult Swim, Chappa’ai, Death Streams, LiveStreamsPro, Placenta, SportsDevil, and a few more.

To install Blamo, use the information below

Source Link (URL) – http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/
Source Name – blamo
Zip File Name – repository.blamo.zip

Though the Blamo repository only has a few add-ons.  Those that are found there are absolutely the most popular add-ons.  For this reason alone it makes the list at number 3

Maverick TV

maverick tv repo

The Maverick TV Repository isn’t the biggest or the best repository.  It does, however, contain one of the best varieties of add-ons.  For example, Maverick TV repo contains one of the best collections of music add-ons for Kodi in my opinion.

The Maverick TV Repository is perfect for those looking for a variety of add-ons. Besides those for streaming videos, Maverick TV offers some of the best music add-ons Kodi has to offer.

Some of the most well-known add-ons associated with Maverick TV repo are Maverick TV, Copy and Paste, JukeboxHero, The Magic Dragon, Now Music USA, and SportsDevil.

You can install the Maverick TV Repository using the following information

Source Link (URL) – http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo
Source Name – mavrepo
Zip File Name – repository.maverickrepo.zip

While Maverick doesn’t contain the most add-ons, it is notable for offering the user a great selection of add-ons to extend their Kodi installation.  And, it does have the best audio add-ons.


Supremacy Repository is my top pick for sports add-ons.  But it is also my favorite repo for IPTV and Live TV add-ons.  Supremacy repo is known for having great working add-ons including Adult Swim, Elektra Vault, Planet MMA, Supremacy Sports, SportsDevil, Sublime, Supremacy and many more.  

The Supremacy Repo is a great source for any Kodi user looking to add some awesome sports add-ons to their arsenal. Not only is it full of sports options, but live television and IPTV choices as well.

To install Supremacy, use the information below

Source Link (URL) – http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/
Source Name – supremacy
Zip File Name – repository.supremacy.zip

Once you get Supremacy Repo installed, you will see that there are a lot of sports add-ons.  But Supremacy has much more.  Dig deeper and you will see that there are great music add-ons, subtitle add-ons and more.  My top pick for sports lovers.


Using Kodi Repositories is a great way to get up and going with Kodi Add-ons quickly.  And these are just a sampling of the repos I happen to like and that happen to be popular.  There are hundreds of other repos that you can explore.

All of the repositories listed above work great on Amazon’s Fire TV & Fire TV Stick which are the two most popular media streaming devices available today.

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