How to Install Rising Tides Add-On on Kodi – Live Sports Streams for Your Fire TV Device

While the Rising Tides add-on is very comprehensive and has tons of working live streams, you will still encounter some streams that are offline or don’t stream very well.  That being said, you will be sure to find enough great You will find many working streams in the IPTV/Live Sports TV section of Rising Tides addon. However, as is the case with all Live TV addons, especially the ones dedicated to sports coverage, you may run into some offline streams or channels. Still, there are plenty of streaming options to satisfy your sports streaming needs.

How to Install the Add-On

It’s very simple to get Rising Tides installed.  In this article, I will walk you through the steps required.  It should only take a few minutes to get up and running with this add-on.

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IMPORTANT:  You Must Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi Settings

By default, Kodi only permits the installation of add-ons that have been approved or that meet certain criteria.  This prevents potentially malicious add-ons from being installed.  Third-party add-ons are completely blocked from installation on Kodi.  There is a setting that you can turn on to allow the installation of these add-ons, however.  Be careful when enabling this setting.  Always be sure you know that the add-ons you install are safe and from a source you trust.  The Rising Tides add-on is a safe add-on, so I will show you how to enable the setting for the purposes of installing Rising Tides.

Enabling Unknown Sources

Open Kodi and click on the gear icon at the top left of the Kodi home screen.

You will see the Main System Settings screen.  Click on System Settings

Scroll down to the section that says Add-Ons on the left. You will see, under that section, the setting called Unknown Sources.  Click on the little toggle beside that setting to turn it on.  The toggle will be blue when this setting is enabled.

You will see a warning about enabling this setting.  Click on YES.  After installing Rising Tides, you can disable this setting to keep yourself protected.

Now that Unknown Sources has been enabled, let’s continue on to the installation of Rising Tides

Installing Rising Tides Add-On

Go back to the Kodi home screen and click on the gear icon at the top left again

Open up the File Manager on the main Kodi settings screen

Click Add source in the right-hand pane of the window that pops up

Click where it says <None>

Type in the following URL

Be careful to type it exactly as I show above.  If you type it incorrectly, it WILL NOT work.

Click OK when you are finished typing.

Click where it says Enter a name for this media source and give the source a name.  Since the source is called mulla, I am going to name it that.  You can name it whatever you want.

Click OK after you are finished typing

Click the back button on your Fire TV remote until you get back to the Kodi home screen. Scroll down to Add-ons on the left of the screen.

The menu will change a little at the top-left of the screen.  You will now see a little box icon.  Click on that little box.

Click on Install from zip file

Click on mulla or whatever you named the source in the first part of this tutorial.

You will see a file called  Click on this file to choose it for installation.  the x.x part of the file name will be a number in reality.  This identifies the version of the add-on.  At the time of this writing, version 0.4 is the current version.  So, the file name might be different in this way when you read this article and install this add-on.

After a short wait, you will see a notification that says the Rising Tides Repository was installed. The notification saying Rising Tides Repository Add-on installed will appear on your display in the top-right corner.

Those steps installed the repository that contains the Rising Tides add-on.  Having the repository installed makes sure you get timely updates when they become available.  For now, we will do the first installation of the add-on, but from this point on it will be automatically updated.

You should still be on the same menu.  This time you are going to click Install from repository.

Click on Rising Tides Repository

Scroll down and click on Video add-ons

Click on Rising Tides

At the bottom of the screen, you will see Install.  Click on that.

Just like before, you will see a notification saying the Rising Tides Add-on has been installed.

That’s it!  You have just installed the Rising Tides add-on on Kodi

How to Watch Streams on Rising Tides

From the Kodi home screen, go to Add-ons > Video add-ons and click the Rising Tides icon.

The home screen of Rising Tides is very simple.  Most people will immediately see a category they like and go there.  The main menu consists of the following categories:

  • Football Highlights
  • Sports Channels
  • Acestream Live Events
  • Live Football
  • Live PPV Events
  • Extra Live Content
  • IPTV Heaven

As I explained earlier in the article, Rising Tides has tons of streams that work fine.  But it can also have a lot of streams that don’t work, or don’t work consistently.  You will learn over time which ones work and don’t.  This is not a problem that only occurs in Rising Tides, but also with almost every other application that offers live streams.  It’s just not that easy to find streams that are always there and always working.

You can install the Sports Devil add-on as well to provide some redundancy in case you can’t find a stream that works in Rising Tides.

How to Install Sports Devil in Kodi


The Rising Tides Kodi add-on offers tons of sports streams.  It is definitely not the perfect sports add-on, but none of the add-ons for Kodi offer everything.  Add Rising Tides to your sports streaming app list so you have other choices when other apps don’t have what you want.

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