How to Install the Alfa Add-on on Kodi 18 – Spanish Language Streams

If you are a Spanish speaker, or live in a Spanish speaking country and would like to get great movie and TV show streams in Spanish, then the Alfa Add-on for Kodi is a great place to start.  While the standalone app Stremio has awesome Spanish dubbed content as well, if you are a Kodi user, then Alfa is the way to go.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the Alfa Add-on in the newest version of Kodi.  Kodi 18 Leia was only recently released to the public, and many of your older add-ons don’t work with the new version because their developers have not kept up.  That isn’t the case for Alfa.  This add-on installs smoothly and works great on the newest version of Kodi.  Alfa has a nice interface with colorful icons and a menu that is simple to navigate.

Installing the Alfa Add-on for Kodi 18

This tutorial was performed on a fresh install of Kodi 18 Leia.  These instructions should work just fine on an already installed Kodi system, but just know that I always do these tutorials on a clean installation to be sure there are no other packages that conflict. If you need help getting Kodi installed, follow my tutorial How to Install Kodi 18 Leia Official Version on Fire TV Devices  That being said, let’s get on with it.

Before you start the installation, make sure your VPN is on and connected.  If you are not using a VPN, then jump over to IPVanish and grab a %57 discount while it lasts.  No excuse not to be using a VPN.  And no better time to sign up for one.

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Now that your connection is secured by your VPN, we can get started.

Launch Kodi and click on the little settings gear icon Kodi Settings Icon at the top left of the home screen

Scroll over and down and click on System settings

Scroll down to Add-ons on the left menu and then be sure that Unknown sources is ENABLED in the right pane.

You will be asked if you are sure you want to enable this setting.  Click Yes

Click the Back button on your remote and select File Manager

Click on Add source in the left-hand pane

Click where it says <None>

In the box that pops up, type the following address EXACTLY as shown – then click OK

Click on the box under the source you just added and type in a name for this source. This can be any name you choose.  Just remember it because we will be selecting that name in a later step.   I’m going to call it catoal.

Click the back button on your remote until you are on the Kodi home screen.

Scroll down to the Add-ons menu item on the left and click on it.

Click on the little open box icon at the top left of the screen.  It looks like this.Install Kodi Addon

Scroll down and click on Install from zip file

Choose catoal or whatever name you gave the source in the previous step

Click on the folder called Addons Peliculas, Series y Documentales

Choose the folder Alfa

Choose and click OK

Wait until you see a notification message at the top right telling you the repo was installed.

Click Install From Repository

click install from repository

Choose Hellhounds Repository

Click Video Add-Ons

Click Alfa


Click Install

You will be informed that a required add-on will also be installed.  Click OK

Wait for the Alfa Add-on installed message to appear at the top right of the screen.

Click on Alfa again from this screen and choose Open

You will see the Alfa home screen for a second and then a box will pop up asking if you want to configure Alfa.  Click Si

First, you will choose the scraper for Movies. I chose The Movie Database, but you could choose the Universal Movie Scraper if you like that better.

The settings for the scraper you selected will come up.  You can change settings here if you like or just click OK.

Then you will be asked to choose the scraper for TV shows.  I like using The TVDB for TV shows.

A message will come up saying that you must install The TVDB add-on.  

The TVDB Add-on will install.

When it is finished installing, the settings screen for The TVDB will come up.  Change any settings you like and click OK.

You will be taken to the home screen of Alfa.

I won’t get into the finer details of Alfa.  Obviously, there are plenty of menus with tons of submenus with lots of content.  Let’s just click on Channels for example.  You have a lot of content there.

I hope you enjoy using the Alfa Add-on on Kodi 18 Leia.  You will not be disappointed with the huge library of Spanish language content.  And be sure you have your VPN up and running when using this add-on.

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