Best Kodi Builds February 2018

Editors Choice: Best Kodi Builds February 2018

The fastest and easiest way to get going with your new Kodi installation is to install a build.  Builds are preconfigured installations that usually install from a wizard.  The best reason to use builds is that the authors of the builds spend a lot of time making sure that the best add-ons are installed and that the interface looks cool and is user friendly.  That’s not to say there aren’t some builds out there that fall short of the mark.  But we have chosen a few for you try.  Given that there are so many builds to choose from. We believe these are the best of the best.  We hope you will agree.

1. No Limits Magic Build

This build makes the number one spot for many reasons.  It is personally our favorite build.  Easy to install, full featured, and offers a “lite” version for devices such as the Fire Stick with limited memory.  It also offers an adult and non-adult version, which makes it easier for those that want or don’t want XXX to be able to make a clear choice.

Aeon Nox System

How to Install No Limits Build on Kodi

2. Misfit Mods Lite

This is another beautiful build that has tons of great content that is organized logically.  All the addons are connected in the back-end, so you don’t have to choose which add-on to use.  Just pick what you want to watch and this build automatically retrieves the content from the appropriate add-on.  This build is very memory friendly as well and supports all types of streaming content.

Misfit Mods Screenshot

How to Install Misfit Mods Lite on Kodi

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